About Little Paper Crown

This spot is for all things fashion, beauty, health, fitness, love, and food. As a 23-year-old Toronto native I will offer my extraordinary ordinary view, tricks and product tips that will have us keeping up with everything millennial. We are all somewhat social media addicts so I thought I would bring it all back down to the core and make this a place where despite everyone`s own personal issues of exclusion, intolerance, health, or personal privilege we can try to find an authentic version of ourselves. What we all have in common though, is we all love a good pair of shoes, an unreal facial moisturizer, that late night burger and feeling like we need to work it off in the morning. Trying to keep up with the Instagram bodies, workout apps or high-end fashion bloggers is not really who you are so let`s find a balance and we can all wear an invisible paper crown together.


PR gal who is always on the lookout for new fashion brands and trends (eyes are glued to fashion websites while my nose is always in a vogue). Formerly working for a high end beauty brand has given me the inside knowledge of the dos and donโ€™ts of beauty.ย  But, ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be Martha Stewart and am obsessed with hosting, although, not as much as I am with food. I think about food more than I think about remembering to breathe. My Mediterranean background and travel hopping all around Europe has led me to experience some of the most flavourful and cultured moments. Things can get a little deep with my keen CNN watching and makes me think I could even run for president. Chloe, the 9 pound Maltipoo, brings me back down though being her personal assistant and all.



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All content posts are my own opinion unless otherwise stated and do not have any association`s to past, present and future employers. All product reviews mentioned are of my own sourcing and give credit to their rightful owners. Lastly, all images are my own unless stated and may not be used or repurposed in any form untilย notified and credit is provided to Little Paper Crown.