Trend Tuesday: Eyelash Extensions


Everyone is always looking for the next best thing so ever since Kylie Jenner decided to get lip injections at the very old age of 18, its been a thing that has made us more aware of what is being done to enhance our looks. I knew I would never be into lip injections but I started to realize celebrities makeup could not look that flawless and neither could my neighbours something was definitely up. The trick to keep looking put together all the time was eyelash extensions. It is the one makeup tip that we all use whether we have a full face on or not. Don`t worry about looking too superficial (as long as you have a good eyelash girl) this will definitely give you some instant glam while still looking modest.


You want silk not synthetic or mink.

Silk is lighter, thinner and looks more natural. If you want it to be more dramatic don’t worry you can always layer them. Synethic has a more thicker vibe and has a closer appearance to drugstore lashes. Most importantly, mink comes from mink and you really don’t want some animals fur on your lashes. Period. Whatever way you get them its ok to mascara on them if you want to give them a different look. Just make sure to wash it off at night or you`ll risk ruining them.

It only takes 60 to 90 minutes

The process is quite comfortable, you don’t feel a thing and you can either gossip to your eyelash lady or take a quick nap.

They last 3 to 5 weeks

This depends on your lash cycle but if done correctly the average should be about 4 weeks. Your natural lash will fall out with your extension and begins grow in the area all over again. One myth is that your natural eyelashes don’t grow back. Its not true!Β 

They can be pricey.

Most full sets (both eyes) cost between $120-150 but when you lose a few and need to get a refill its only between $50-70 for a refill for both eyes.

You have realized you’ve need them before.

Remember waking up every morning with that little bit left over from washing my face? It would drive me crazy too. What about the time you accidentally fell asleep and woke up with mascara down your face? Sleeping over at you guy`s house and looking a little bit more scarier than when you got there? Always asking ” is my mascara running”? I think we can all agree it`s not ideal to have this black smug always in the back of your mind.


Β Its worth it.

I, for one, am obsessed with these. I have always said i`ll try anything as look as its natural and not permanent and I keep going back. I`ve had them for a little over a year and my natural lashes are just as long as they were. I can wake up in the morning, do minimal make up and just go. This is something totally practical, easy to maintain and you still get that little bit of glam without breaking the bank. So who`s in?



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