BLCK is the New White: How Getting Your Teeth Healthier is Making Them Dirty.

Charcoal is all the craze right now and putting this stuff into your mouth can be super intimidating. My current obsession with natural beauty products made me look more in depth. A Toronto based company called BLCK uses the most natural of ingredients to get your teeth healthy and whiter. I decided to take a leap and purchase the product to see what the hype is all about.

DSC_0283The Rundown

Black activated coconut charcoal is used as an alternative method to making sure those pearly whites are safe and stay clean. Youโ€™re probably thinking Charcoal, isnโ€™t that the stuff that comes from my barbeque? Definitely not. It is made from Coconut shells, Organic Mint Extract and Organic Orange Peel Extract. Activated Charcoal and coconuts are the two ways that teeth used to be taken care of before we all got addicted to using commercial brands. This duo removes surface stains without getting to the root of your enamel (ouch) while preventing future gum disease. As a bonus, it gives you a boost of energy by removing toxins that could affect your immune system.


They recommend brushing with it twice a day. You wet the brush, coat it with the activated black charcoal and brush teeth normally. After Iโ€™m done brushing, I let it sit for about a minutes so I can get the most out of the benefits it offers. Rinse out your mouth and youโ€™re good to go! Play around with it and see what works for you.



ย From the first time I used BLCK I noticed a difference, not only are my teeth shinier but it also acted as a whitener and toothpaste in one. The more I used it, the more I realized I didnโ€™t have any grimy build up that food would cause throughout the day. I havenโ€™t looked back since.


Commercial whiteners will only take you so far before you get that sharp pain in your enamel, in fact, thatโ€™s your teeth telling you to stop. Everything after that makes it harder to drink water, put metal cutlery in your mouth and it would hurt me when I drink wine (which is huge). Just to put this into perspective, market whiteners have: Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Acrylates Copolymer, Carbomer and Polyvinlpyrrolidone. If you can pronounce that last one, then maybe this isnโ€™t the article for you.

Everyone loves a good step in finding that balance to a healthier direction. Aside from the fact that its 100% natural, I really fell in love is when they told me that each toothbrush sold they will donated another to someone who really needs it.

So why not go loco for coco and let it be the friend with benefits you can count on! ย You know your mouth is worth it.

Stay dirty,ย slide1


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