Raw Edit: This New Trend is MACA Everyone Crazy.

Maca is popping up everywhere these days, it has taken over lifestyle websites by storm and LPC is here to give you the rundown. Maca was originally brought to light a few years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow made her $200 morning smoothie and people went crazy for it. It’s the secret drinking weapon of the celebrities, it was even talked about on the Real Housewives of Toronto the other night when workout girl, Jana Webb, said she drinks it every morning. Who couldn’t use a little extra maca in their lives to look this hot, am I right?



Maca powder is Peruvian Ginseng that has been concentrated to gives you this amazingly nutrient filled superfood. This is not to be confused with Matcha powder, they are completely different.

The amount of natural benefits from this old healing root is making it one of the most sought after ingredient, it’s also been known as an adaptogen. This means it adapts to the needs of your body (mind blowing) and fills in the gaps where you need a little extra something to make you feel more alive.

Maca is mostly known to increase your energy and improve blood circulation, just like coffee does. But, it also:

Calms your anxiety and depression due to a nutrient called macamides to bring you your inner zen and reduces stress so you can go for the Maca instead of the wine. giphy6

It clears those battling with brain fog or in need of mental clarity and increases memory and focus to get you back on track.

Maca`s nutrients also go towards balancing your hormones, PMS and those with PCOS to get you feeling yourself again.


It is amazing in aiding digestion and increasing your metabolism to make things break down faster and come out even quicker.

Most importantly, it is an aphrodisiac to get things going easier and lasting longer (if you know what I mean)


Lastly, it is great for inner as it is outer, maca improves growth in hair and makes your skin tone even while diminishing acne breakouts.


Maca acts almost like a protein powder. You can put it in yogurt, smoothies or blend it into your morning coffee (warm or iced). You can put it in your morning oatmeal with a sprinkle of cinnamon and you`re good to go. It gives off the smell of warm chocolate or butterscotch, it`s hard to put your finger on it but it tastes yummy, promise. One tablespoon is only 10 calories (OMG) and experts say you can have as much as you want considering it is all natural. Below is a recipe video for banana maca frozen yogurt and it is to die for!

If you ask me? This stuff is definitely worth all the benefits to keep yourself looking and feeling better.

Stay healthy,slide1


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