Are you Bikini Ready? Four things to get you back into summer mode.

As we are shoving food into our mouths using the weather as an excuse, we are slowly dreading what`s going to happen in a couple months. It’s bikini season and while the snow may have melted away, your extra lb`s haven’t. Bikini season isn’t about being superficial it`s the time we can appreciate how we feel good in our own bodies. LPC is here to give you a quick rundown and a few essential beauty tricks and product tips to use for the season we all love the most, summer. So don’t let bikini season up sneak up on you like Britney`s 2008 break down did, you can thank us later.



This may be the obvious tip but it needs to happen and you know it. Finding a routine and workout that works for you to make it a consistent thing is how you will achieve this. We all know that basement gym has dust on it so start waddling your way with a friend to your new workout haven for the next couple of weeks, you won`t regret it. For some hardcore yoga and spiritual motivation check out your local Power Yoga Canada or the newly opened  Scullhouse for some torched calories and low impact-full body workout. Try to do this three times a week.



It`s not too early to start prepping your skin to look as healthy as it can.


Start by using tea tree oil as a toner to clear up excessive oil and bacteria. It’s totally natural and your skin will be willing to take it in more than a chemical cleanser.


Let`s get one thing straight, coconut oil is to be put everywhere (and I mean everywhere). There is a reason everyone has been saying this for so long. Its natures moisturizer that contains vitamin E to soothe your skin from potential skin blemishes and has caprylic acid to maintain the good vs bad bacteria in your body. Take small amounts and pat it on your face, body and hands. Don’t forget to put a tablespoon in your smoothies or swap this in instead of olive oil when cooking.


Honey has been a savour lately which is why all my facial care seen here is a go to. Natures sugar can be super sweet in rubbing away your winter dry skin for a more moisturized and soft look. Take 1 part honey to three parts sugar for a scrub.It will keep your skin from building up dry skin for about 3 days, just repeat.



Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. You can work out for as many days as you like but if you don’t cut down on the carbs and sugars nothing is going to happen. Going cold turkey is not the answer and the best option is to limit yourself to eating “the bad stuff”  at breakfast or earlier in the day before dinner. Getting yourself to feeling healthy again is what it`s all about and will slowly happen normally over a 6-8 week period. This won`t only teach you some discipline but be more rewarding that you stuck to it when you get all the compliments. If you want that burger, go for a lettuce bun instead, swap out mayo with avocado for that Caesar salad or switch that milk chocolate to dark. It`s all about finding that balance to eliminate as much carbs, gluten and refined sugar as possible.



As much as we have a love-hate relationship with our hair and lashes it`s time to make the most of it. After all, achieving bikini season is looking always effortless.


Start putting this on your hair that doesn’t grow as it used to. Castor oil is a softener that replenishes the roots of your hairs to restart growth again. Before bed put the oil on your brows where you’ve tweezed too hard (its like magic) and on your top and bottom eyelashes to make them grow crazy long.


giphy2If the castor oil doesn’t do it for you extensions are the next best thing. This is the easiest way to look like you have had your make up done. Think about it, when your tanned what is the one thing missing that you don’t want to do? Mascara. We avoid mascara because it gets everywhere so heading to your eyelash lady will be your new favourite thing for summer.


The Amika hair mask  found here at Sephora is what you need to get your hair fluffy again. Use it middle way down your hair in the shower like a conditioner. When you blow dry your hair it will feel instantly smoother and lighter and your split ends will be hardly noticeable. I swear by this.

Stay beautiful inside and out,



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