Detox Diary: This Shot is Your Weekend Hangover Cure.

Every Friday, Saturday or Sunday morning we are all stuck in the same dilemma. Whether you were the champion drinker your friends didn’t want to associate with or sipping on a glass of wine in the corner you’re most likely hungover from the way our bodies process alcohol. The thing is we never learn our lesson and always end up hating how we feel the next day. Am I right? This life saver is definitely a must for a healthy liver and is one of the most effective hangover solutions.


Firstly, Milk thistle does not come from any dairy products and if that was the case wouldn’t not be appetitzing. Instead, it is a spiky purple flower native to Southern Europe and Asia.It was originally used in traditional Chinese medicine (so you know it works) to treat toxicity in the body.Β The seeds are extracted to make something called β€œSilymarin” which turns out like an orange berry tasting smoothie. Yum.


Your liver is one of the most important organs in terms of how you feel and your productivity.Β When you consistently drink your liver gets increasing inflamed and cannot efficiently break down your fat cells and produce more energy. Have you ever felt sluggish after drinking? This is why. It is depriving you of that much needed energy you need to get on with your day instead of staying in bed or being a zombie infront of the T.V.Β Milk thistle acts as an anti-inflammatory to bring the liver back to its original state while working to flush out the unwanted toxins.



Milk thistle can be taken like a shot (which we know you already have practice in). About 1 tablespoon is recommended after every meal you eat. * Once open you have 30 days until the bottle is suggested to expire.

This is basically setting you up for a 30 day milk thistle detox. You won`t be grabbing the McDonald`s or Tylenol the next morning. It will re-engerize you so you can do it all over again.

Stay healthy, you overachieving drinkers.



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