Style Series: What`s in for Spring? Four ways to keep up.

Every March and April your inbox gets flooded with emails from every brand you forgot about telling you their new merchandise is in. Your overwhelming sense of panic reminds you that you need to look good for spring because you need to look even better for summer. The hunt begins soon and LPC is here to give you a cheat sheet on what`s in and what`s in but shouldn’t be. Remember, you don’t always have to buy all of it or force yourself to like something.  Explore your balance to see what works for you and your style. This one of two part style series is telling you the do`s of spring.


Stripes are always a safe print to go to especially when you want to look more put together or have a more older feel. The good thing about them is that you can wear them in thick blocks, thin ones or faint pinstripes. Classic colours are always the safest, try sticking with a blue palette and dressing it up with a blazer or down with some kicks.

Best way to wear it: Dress or Top

Stay away from:  Colourful mix matched stripes & black and white striped pants

   Aritzia                      Banana Republic                    Zara

Tip: Wear the stripes in places where you want to accentuate your body. If you want to look busty wear a horizontal shirt but if you want to look like you have a longer torso wear vertical.


Floral patterns are inevitable just like Miranda Priestly meme so kindly points out around this time of year. By adding a bit of texture to floral makes its pop even more. Looking fashionable and oddly innocent at the same time is a good look but it is key to stay away from being on the line between the peasant look vs. chic embroidery.

Best way to wear it: Jacket, dress & top

Stay away from: Jeans & shoes

   Lulu                                    Zara                                 Lulu

Tip: If you don’t like the look, another fun way to take this look into a different direction is to incorporate it into a side bag.


This trend can be worn almost all year around (meaning it’s a really good investment). In fact, it is coming off of the waves from winter where we saw khaki bomb jackets and sweaters. Moving into spring means it has sprung into a utilitarian type of clothing. Thinner, more structured cuts is where it`s at.

Best way to wear it: Jacket, tops, hats & dress

Stay away from: Shoes, suede & army print.

              Aritzia                               Zara                                 H&M

Tip: Ladies, if you have lighter coloured eyes or hair this is the colour to bring them out.


A bright colour is exactly what we want to signal us that spring is coming but how bright is bright? Take a deep breath, pink is nothing to be afraid of. Hot pink in particular is the colour of choice and is something to have fun with. After all, fashion is supposed to experimental. You want to look for purchases that you can wear again as well and not feel like you wasted your money that “one time in spring 2017.” Thankfully, pink this season also includes tones like dusty rose and lemonade.  This is the time to bring out your Elle Woods personality or your Pink Ladies demeanour that`s been brewing inside of you for so long, either way its here to stay.

Best way to wear it: Jacket & dress

Stay away from: Jumpsuits, pants & shoes.

 Zara                                       Aritzia                               Asos

Tip: If you`re not comfortable, change the colour of your phone case or even paint your nails to have some pop.

These tips and tricks are sure to guide you through the racks when you’re ready to get out there. Next up: The don’t`s. You might be seeing a lot of questionable fashion this spring. Stay Tuned.

Happy shopping!



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