Manuka Heaven: Three Sweet Products You Need to Add to Your Skin Regime.

Let`s Face it. We are always seeking out any new products to see if they work or not, even spending hundreds of dollars on just one bottle. Honey is always said to work wonders for your face so when Kourtney Kardashian revealed to everyoneย  Manuka honey infused products were something she swears by for a couple years before she was their ambassador, I decided to keep up with this trend to see what works. In fact, ย January 2017 was the most it has ever been searched for on Google. Who would have thought natures sugar could be so sweet for resolving all kinds of problems?



Honey in general has a lot of natural benefits but Manuka is the most potent of its kind. It is native to Australia and New Zealand where it is extracted by bees who take pollen from a Manuka tree. What is so special about this sweet stuff?ย  The enzymes in this honey produce more hydrogen peroxide to work specifically against bacteria. This can not only clean out your face from unwanted buildup but works from the outside in. One of the leading distributors of Manuka Honey is a UK based company called Manuka Doctor. They are committed to ensuring the safe extraction of honey while giving you Botox in a bottle. It`s basically a win, win.


Moisturizerย FACE

The Apinourish firm skin facial moisturizer keeps your skins elasticity for a revitalized look. Trying out facial moisturizer`s can be tough especially if you donโ€™t know whether to stick with it or try another one for your specific needs. We all moisturize to keep our skin for drying out and keeping collagen activated. The first time I used this I used the moisturizer solo for a couple months and noticed how accurate the description was. My face felt firm, tighter and when I didnโ€™t use it for a couple days waiting for my new one it wasnโ€™t as plump as it was before. This was the moment I knew I needed to expand my Manuka Doctor collection. (Don`t forget to put it on your chin- its always the first to go)



The Touch of Crystal Cashmere Touch serum firms and reduces fine lines just like the moisturizer. However, what most people donโ€™t realize is that serums should be apart of your skin care regime and aren’t just sold for buy two get one free. Serums bring essential nutrients into your skin while moisturizer keeps everything locked it on top like a seal. This serum is oil centered around crystal drops from Pistacia Lentiscus tree to give you the full benefits of organic facial heaven.

Trick: Combine a small pump of serum and moisturizer and blend to instantly feel like its working away.


This is the closest thing you can get to an actual bee stinging your lips. Bee venom and honey are infused into this lip enhancer to stimulate collagen and make them plump without the lip injections. It comes out in clear gloss form so it is ideal to put it over top of the colour of your choice. I instantly felt my lips go tingly and look larger than if I were to use a regular lip gloss.

Tip: I found it helpful to give it a gentle shake before using to activate the formula.

Trick: With lip pencil over exaggerate the area of the lip you want bigger then add lip enhancer over top. Don`t forget to put some shimmer in your cupid`s bow to make it look bigger as well.

You won`t be able to stop touching your face with this sweet stuff, promise.


ย Stay Beautiful,



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  1. Diana B says:

    This was super helpful! Thanks for the recommendation!

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